Overview datasets Global Well-Being Since 1820

Chapter 1. Global well-being since 1820, Jan Luiten van Zanden, Joerg Baten, Marco Mira d’Ercole, Auke Rijpma, Conal Smith and Marcel Timmer
Chapter 2. Demographic trends since 1820, Lotte van der Vleuten and Jan Kok
Used indicator: Total Population
Chapter 3. GDP per capita since 1820, Jutta Bolt, Marcel Timmer and Jan Luiten van Zanden
Used indicator: GDP per capita
Chapter 4: Real wages since 1820
Pim de Zwart, Bas van Leeuwen and Jieli van Leeuwen-Li
Used indicator: Labourers' real wage
Chapter 5. Education since 1820
Bas van Leeuwen and Jieli van Leeuwen-Li
Used indicator: Average Years of Education
Chapter 6. Life expectancy trends since 1820
Richard L. Zijdema and Filipa Ribeiro de Silva
Used indicator: Life Expectancy at Birth and Infant Mortality
Chapter 7. Human height since 1820
Joerg Baten and Matthias Blum
Used indicator: Height
Chapter 8. Personal security since 1820
Joerg Baten, Winny Bierman, Peter Foldvari and Jan Luiten van Zanden
Used indicator: Homicide rates, Armed Conflicts (Domestic) and Armed Conflicts (International)
Chapter 9. Political institutions since 1820
Peter Foldvari and Katalin Buzasi
Used indicators: Polity2 Index and Polyarchy
Chapter 10. Environmental quality since 1820
Kees Klein Goldewijk
Used indicators: Total SO2 Emissions, SO2 Emissions per Capita, Total CO2 Emissions, CO2 Emissions per Capita
Chapter 11. Income inequality since 1820
Michail Moatsos, Joerg Baten, Peter Foldvari, Bas van Leeuwen and Jan van Zanden
Used indicator: Income inequality
Chapter 12. Gender inequality since 1820
Sarah Carmichael, Selin Dilli and Auke Rijpma
Used indicators: Gender equality years of education, Gender-equal inheritance, Historical Gender Equality Index and Sex ratio
Chapter 13. A composite view of well-being since 1820
Auke Rijpma